12/13/09/2019 Waste Not, Want Not: Food and Thrift from Early Modernity to the Present

The second interdisciplinary conference by Cambridge Body and Food Histories group explored food waste and food sustainability practices (or ‘thrift’!) throughout history. It brought together historical researchers and present-day policy makers. For more information, please follow this link!

23/11/2018 Food and Faith in the Early Modern World c. 1400 – c. 1700. 

This conference looked at the relationship between food and religion in the early modern world, pairing historians with people of faith today. More information is here

29/06/2018 Food and Embodied Identities in the Early Modern and Modern World c. 1500 – c. 2000.

This conference was organised with Katrina Moseley, as part of the Cambridge Body and Food Histories Group. Click here for information and programme.