I am completing an AHRC-funded PhD thesis at Christ’s College, the University of Cambridge. My research looks at the relationship between food and religion in the English Protestant Reformation and the Italian Catholic Reformation, c.1560 – c. 1640. I was awarded an MPhil at Cambridge in 2016, and a BA in history (Renaissance stream) at the University of Warwick in 2015.

I approach the religious change of the Reformations through embodied or ‘lived’ religious experience, and am interested more broadly in how past people understood and interacted with the material world, and how religious belief influenced their daily lives. My research is based on a wealth of written material in English, Italian, and Latin, including printed and archival records, alongside material culture.

I co-founded the AHRC- funded research group, Cambridge Body and Food Histories, which is now in its third year. To find out more about our activities and conferences click here!

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