I am a cultural historian of food and early modern religion.

I have recently completed an AHRC-funded PhD at Christ’s College, the University of Cambridge. My thesis looked at the relationship between food and religion in the English Protestant Reformation and the Italian Catholic Reformation, c.1560 – c. 1640.

I approach the religious change of the Reformations through embodied or ‘lived’ religious experience, and am interested more broadly in how past people understood and interacted with the material world.

I research widely in the history of food, as something that connects us all, and that provides a window into the daily lives of past people as well as wider cultural, economic, and political historical processes.

I post historical recipes, food history blog posts, and daily as @historyeats on Instagram, and I am co-founder of the AHRC- funded research group Cambridge Body and Food Histories, which is now in its third year.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site!

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